“The Young and the Restless” Director to bring “Branches” dramedy to Black Jellybeans TV

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Los Angeles, CA – May 22, 2017 – Black Jellybeans Productions is excited to announce that Director Kai Kim (The Young and the Restless) will be launching a new “dramedy” show for Black Jellybeans TV. The show currently titled “Branches” will follow the lives of four Asian-Americans living in Los Angeles and how their lives are intertwined.

The idea was initially conceived by Kim and Metcalf. “I wanted to tell a story about 3rd generation American Asians living in Los Angeles without all the stereotypes,” says Kim. The “Branches” pilot will be written by Brian A. Metcalf and directed by Kim. The show is produced by Kim, Metcalf and Kelly Arjen. “Kim’s experience of working on one of the largest soaps right now (The Young and the Restless) will be amazing for the show, it will be exciting for him to bring his skills to our channel,” says Metcalf.

Black Jellybeans will be distributing it on its Apple TV, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV and Roku Channels as well as it’s phone/tablet apps for iOS and Android.

Black Jellybeans is a full production and distribution digital company focusing on a variety of content ranging from film and video, games, educational, lifestyle, music and other various media. They are currently working with companies such as Apple, Amazon, VEVO, Google, Sony and more.

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