A team of psychic investigators act as mercenaries for hire, solving crimes committed by supernatural forces.

Chef Eric focuses on cooking easy, healthy and delicious meals with just a hotplate, geared for kids learning to cook for the first time or a college student making a meal in his/her first apartment away from home.

A story about the lives of four Asian-Americans living in Los Angeles and how their lives are intertwined.

Reality TV Producer Dawn Wilson (Bride By Design, Miami Ink) and Actress Desiree Siahaan traves around the globe as they venture off the beaten path to bring us their “east meets west” perspective on everything from the hottest beauty crazes to the world’s most overrated tourist traps.

This will showcase a series of short films from different filmmakers, giving them a chance for exposure and for their voices to be heard.

This show features a variety of scenic landscapes with everything from scenes of beaches, snowy landscapes, cityscapes to rainy days while relaxing music plays in the background.  Perfect for playing in the background or just plain relaxation.