“Cooking Without the Kitchen” show to premiere on Black Jellybeans TV

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Los Angeles, CA – May 30, 2017 – Black Jellybeans Productions is excited to be heading to the kitchen to announce a new cooking show for Black Jellybeans TV. The show titled “Cooking Without the Kitchen” is a reality cooking show that will focus on cooking easy, healthy and delicious meals with just a hotplate. The show features Chef Eric making tasty recipes with basic cooking equipment, geared for kids learning to cook for the first time or a college student making a meal in his/her first apartment away from home.

The idea was conceived by Chef Eric Horwitz, owner of LIFT Enrichment, which teaches culinary education to children. “I’ve been teaching cooking for over 7 years and am pumped to bring my style and recipes to our audience. In our classes, we’ve got very basic equipment to work with, and if kids can learn to cook in a 1-hour lesson, then anyone can. You’ll never have an excuse not to learn to make healthy food for yourself, family and friends after you’ve seen what we do on this show.” The show is produced by Horwitz, Brian A. Metcalf and Kelly Arjen. “We are excited for Chef Eric to be bringing his amazing cooking expertise to our channel,” says Metcalf.

Black Jellybeans will be distributing the show on its Apple TV, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV and Roku Channels as well as it’s phone/tablet apps for iOS and Android.

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~Master Jellybean